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  1. nash Maongco

    nash Maongco

    6 天 前

    Bawal pa nmn sa buntis ung kape

  2. Esmer Ladea

    Esmer Ladea

    10 天 前

    Diva ate ang kape bawal sa buntis yung Lang po am happy for you ate

  3. christina canaynay

    christina canaynay

    12 天 前

    hi rhaze 👋😊 lagi ko pong pinapanood yung vlog mo sobrang narerelax ako pag napapanuod kita 🥰🥰 pasensya na po kung di ko po sya nala like, pero lagi po akong nanunood ng vlog mo 😊

  4. 3J LARA

    3J LARA

    14 天 前

    Supper enjoy supper supportive husband 💖💖💖👏👏👏

  5. Ritz Gatuteo

    Ritz Gatuteo

    17 天 前

    Dan and his instagram 😂😂😂

  6. Aria


    18 天 前

    Tong, tong, tong, tong, pakitong-kitong Alimango, sa dagat malaki at masarap mahirap mahuli sapagkat nangangagat tong, tong, tong, tong, pakitong-kitong. Tong, tong, tong, tong, pakitong-kitong Crabs from the sea, So big and tasty, It's difficult to catch, 'Cause it bites. Tong, tong, tong, tong, pakitong-kitong.

  7. Rosanosilva Sanchezrosita

    Rosanosilva Sanchezrosita

    21 天 前

    Mabuti dka masilan mag buntis Dai Rhaze. ❣️❣️

  8. The Mask-ter

    The Mask-ter

    25 天 前

    im enjoying watching you for real

  9. hamz vlogs

    hamz vlogs

    26 天 前

    Ano ba ang nakakatawa maam...naiingayan ako sayo tawa ka ng tawa kahit hindi nakakatawa...

  10. hamz vlogs

    hamz vlogs

    26 天 前

    Tawa ka ng tawa wala namang nakakatawa

  11. antonette santander

    antonette santander

    26 天 前

    magluyo nlng kyu outo bhe. want to sawa n mura p

  12. shayra potes

    shayra potes

    26 天 前

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  13. Joelinda Lleno

    Joelinda Lleno

    26 天 前


  14. Mona Morales

    Mona Morales

    26 天 前

    Catchin' up

  15. Jenica Cainoy

    Jenica Cainoy

    27 天 前

    Nakakatawa tlga kayong panuorin.. Mula nong buntis ako hnggng nanganak na aq.. kahit wla akong makain non bsta mapanuod ko lng kau ok na aq

  16. Lara Lei Rivero

    Lara Lei Rivero

    27 天 前

    tong tong tong pakitong kitong is so cute 😍 I laugh hard because of Dan's accent on that song and to Rhaze laugh as well 😁 So cuteee. 💖 stay safe 😇 can't wait to see baby girl 🤗

  17. mayette villa

    mayette villa

    28 天 前

    Tungod ga follow ko kay chona naabot kondri sa imong blog..hihi..

  18. Josh XD

    Josh XD

    29 天 前

    Kuya Dan's face when his taking his instagram story seriously... 😂😂

  19. SweetTooth


    个月 前

    I love how Dan is getting really comfortable in your vlogs ✨

  20. Vina Amor Cavalida

    Vina Amor Cavalida

    个月 前

    You should be walking na every morning. Kay dako na imong tiyan. Para exercise na rin ni buntit. Hoping for a safe and speedy delivery!

  21. Mary artchelyn Mongcal

    Mary artchelyn Mongcal

    个月 前

    Ate rhaze watching pang pa goodvibes na video withoutknowing that her vidoes is my pang pa goodvibes😚😉

  22. Yraj Egnoc

    Yraj Egnoc

    个月 前

    Hahahha.. Iba lyrics mo Daddy Dan 😂 Maybe you should watch little baby bum and cocomelon 💓

  23. zhy rhyzes

    zhy rhyzes

    个月 前

    Don't ever use bottles or pacifiers kung gusto mo maging successful ang breastfeeding journey nyo ni baby. I hope ma push mo po talaga ang breastfeeding dahil daming benefits para kay baby at para nadin sa iyo. 1 tsp ng breastmilk may 3million na antibodies na maghelp kay baby na ma fight ang virus at bacteria! Something na NEVER maibibigay ng formla milk!

  24. Y Mika

    Y Mika

    个月 前


  25. AJ Suarez

    AJ Suarez

    个月 前

    I’m 25wks pregnant ate rhaze. I really love eating ensaymada but my OB forbids me to eat bread huhu

  26. Ma. Theresa Gantuangco

    Ma. Theresa Gantuangco

    个月 前

    Ang bait talaga na asawa MO Dai..

  27. Grace M.

    Grace M.

    个月 前

    Natawa ako sa "mocking bird don't sing mommy will eat with rice" muntik ako mabulunan sa kape na iniinom ko.. sakit ilong ko, hahaha

  28. Mae Algarme

    Mae Algarme

    个月 前

    Both of you are so cute♥️

  29. Elija Rojas

    Elija Rojas

    个月 前

    "so stupid" HAHAHAHAHA

  30. Divina Santos

    Divina Santos

    个月 前

    Ang swerte ni mang Dan sa iyo ms.Rhaze❤

  31. Anna tapion

    Anna tapion

    个月 前

    Ilang days ko napapanuod mga Vlogs nyo at subrang nagustuhan ko magasawa ito💙💙.. Yey! New subscriber here! God bless you!

  32. Kate Palanog

    Kate Palanog

    个月 前

    ang cute ni kuya daan ahhahahah! prang nag lilihi hahaha

  33. it's me kasambahay

    it's me kasambahay

    个月 前

    Hi matagal din kita hindi napanuod sa wakas magka baby kna congrats

  34. Chang Tumamao

    Chang Tumamao

    个月 前

    Thats a good song dan,it is a nursery rhyme, Hash little baby dont say a word,mamas gonna buy you a mocking bird,if that mocking bird dont sing,mamas gonna buy you a golden ring,if that golden ring will rust,mamas gonna buy you a blah.blah and on and so fort...i knew that song,its an old nursery rhyme🥰💓

  35. Yolanda Lacerna

    Yolanda Lacerna

    个月 前

    Umiiyak money sa bulsa nyo!

  36. All About Us

    All About Us

    个月 前

    I heard ur watching loyd cadena vlog too but it was cut.. im happy hearing that ur also watching lyod cadena vlog bcoz he is 1 of my fav vlogger when it comes to happy tots i was just sad bcoz of wat happen to him 😭😭..

  37. TouRiz the Explorer

    TouRiz the Explorer

    个月 前

    😂😂😂😂 this vlog is so fun... kaaligre ni kuya dan oyy 😂😂

  38. Mitty Yuuki

    Mitty Yuuki

    个月 前

    24:20 ahahahahaha

  39. V FAM

    V FAM

    个月 前

    Hi rhaze, I just wanna say that Im late watching your videos because I can't watch when Im at home bcoz of my baby 😊 but today I finished 8 videos at the office 😊 while working. SKL, I gave birth to my first born 37weeks and 6 days my Edd oct 10 but it end up sept 27 via scheduled cs delivery 😊 Im happy watching your vlogs lalo ngaun that your preparing for all the stuff for the baby girl. Im a silent viewer from manila 😊 Goodluck on your journey.

  40. lourdes valle

    lourdes valle

    个月 前

    Grabe dami nyan pano nyo ubusin hahaha, tumaba ka ng magbuntis ka dati mahiyain si dan ngayon ko.portable na sya sa camera ang ssya nyo mag asawa

  41. Sophia


    个月 前

    Pluto flan 😂💖



    个月 前


  43. Doris Remigio

    Doris Remigio

    个月 前

    Go Dan! Love life!

  44. zenn izon

    zenn izon

    个月 前

    pwede po coffee sa preggy?

  45. Catrena Datan

    Catrena Datan

    个月 前


  46. SannyBoy Jr

    SannyBoy Jr

    个月 前

    Haha ang cute ng pluto(puto)😍🥰😂

  47. RhenRhen Dapat

    RhenRhen Dapat

    个月 前

    tinapos ko talaga matapos un video..sarap panuurin..😘😘 sana may time pa ako balikan lahat ng di ko wait to see the baby..😘😘

  48. Nhorvielyn R. Guillermo

    Nhorvielyn R. Guillermo

    个月 前

    funny, funny, very, very kuya Dan😁😁😁always watch your vlogs. Kuya Dan is practicing for the hele of his baby girl. Hope she can sleep much while listening to her daddy's lullaby. 😊😊😂

  49. Nhorvielyn R. Guillermo

    Nhorvielyn R. Guillermo

    个月 前

    Hi rhaze and Dan, I always watch your videos as long as I have Internet access...

  50. Jhona Ormocana

    Jhona Ormocana

    个月 前

    Dan very funny🤣🤣🤣ur the best couple I watched ☺️ keep going ,keep safe 🙏 both 🤗

  51. rochel jacinto

    rochel jacinto

    个月 前

    My aunt gave birth 2 weeks earlier, and had emergency cs, but it's because a month and a week before due date, the baby already wanted to come out (doctors had to twitch some hormones churva). but they're both fine now.. hoping for a smooth labor for you ate rhaze😊. God bless

  52. rochel jacinto

    rochel jacinto

    个月 前

    Grabe tawa ko sa vlog na to😂😂😂😂😂

  53. Michelle Batuhan Vlogs

    Michelle Batuhan Vlogs

    个月 前

    Happy tummy si Mommy Rhaze. Ang dame kung tawa kay kua Dan. Very Instagramable. Ehehhee

  54. Darwisa Radun

    Darwisa Radun

    个月 前

    Hahaha while im watching my mouth always smiling until end the video hahaha

  55. Kathrine Cabardo

    Kathrine Cabardo

    个月 前

    My baby was over my due date.. I hope you have a safe delivery

  56. Its me Nikkay

    Its me Nikkay

    个月 前

    Ang ganda mo ate mag buntis. Sexy mo pa rin 😍 tace care always.

  57. Baebubble Gum

    Baebubble Gum

    个月 前

    Hush little baby don't say a word Mommy's gonna buy you a mocking bird I need that mocking bird don't sing Mommy's gonna eat it with her rice Lss na ako.

  58. Abigail tagle

    Abigail tagle

    个月 前

    Im so very excited to see your bby 😍😍

  59. Carmelene Clores

    Carmelene Clores

    个月 前

    Dan & Zach are the same coz the both like 'Pluto'. 😂😂😂

  60. Grace Garayan

    Grace Garayan

    个月 前

    Bawal ata kainin yung jackfruit simly raze..kapag nanganak n..nakakabinat daw ata..sabi ksi sakin nuon nanganak ako..kasabihan ng matatanda..😊😊tc always godbless

  61. Yza Gacos

    Yza Gacos

    个月 前


  62. Jeannybeb Tongcaling

    Jeannybeb Tongcaling

    个月 前

    Super funny yong part na kumanta ng “tong tong pakitongkitong” si kuya dan 😍😍😍

  63. Lara Escano

    Lara Escano

    个月 前

    Dan Is so adorable. 😍😍

  64. Lara Escano

    Lara Escano

    个月 前

    Rhaze's laugh is so contagious 😂😂 Just goodvibes on this vlog. Keep up Dan and Rhaze. Can't wait to watch your vlog with little one soon.😊😊 Godbless.

  65. honey wanders

    honey wanders

    个月 前

    Filipino Merienda Mukbang 😃😃

  66. Wenie Dichoso

    Wenie Dichoso

    个月 前

    super laughed with you guys mis rhaze and and dan your such a good tandem husband and wife more love happiness God bless u both❤

  67. Kathlyn Lee

    Kathlyn Lee

    个月 前

    Tong tong tong pakitong kitong alimango! Sit sirit sit alibangbang! Hahahahaha remix ❤️

  68. Ma Jessa Agusti Cerbo

    Ma Jessa Agusti Cerbo

    个月 前

    its eminem song 🤣🤣

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    The Lisondras

    个月 前

    Why are u drinking coffee mami?

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    Roxy Cortez

    个月 前

    Smiling and laughing, good vibes Words of the day Good job I love it

  71. AVA_Tarz


    个月 前

    I laugh when dan said pluto😅😂🤣🤣

  72. Olive Joy Sagun

    Olive Joy Sagun

    个月 前

    Ate Rhaze everytime nasasarapan sa pagkain: "Mm, mm, mm, mm" 😂😂😂❤

  73. OY Vlogs Ovi

    OY Vlogs Ovi

    个月 前

    Hello po ate rhaze . Sana po mashout out nyo ako. 🥰Anyways. Praying for your safe delivery po...... God bless

  74. Alea Po

    Alea Po

    个月 前

    Ate rhaze nalakdawan nyo po ba si kuya dan? Kase po pag nalakdawan nyo po daw ang asawa nyo pag buntis kayo sya po yung mag lilihi or mag cecrave sa pagkain😁

  75. Tracy Ang

    Tracy Ang

    个月 前

    Dan told to rhaze to hide the chocolates 🍫 but he buys Filipino dessert 😂 No to chocolates 🍫 but yes to Filipino desserts 😂😂

  76. Maria Fe Jayag

    Maria Fe Jayag

    个月 前

    napaka cute niyo tingnan... daniboy love jud nimo mga pinoy😍😍😍

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    Joana rose Yambao

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    Gracia Anne Embalsado

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    Angelina Mendoza

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    rheann Zoie

    个月 前

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    Nica Zhang

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    Menjoe Beltran

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    Hellian Razona

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  84. Joy Bachiller

    Joy Bachiller

    个月 前

    Ang cute ni kuya dan..ang hilig nya sa filipino kakanin...heehe..goodluck ate rhaze sa panganganak mo sana maging ok po ang lahat maging safe kau ni baby gurl.where excited to meet ur baby gurl in your family love watching ur vlog..GOD BLESS U PO

  85. Jhe_ann Bautista

    Jhe_ann Bautista

    个月 前

    Yung tawa lng ako NG tawa grave talga sya saya nmn n lodi rhaze at dhan 😅😅😅keep safe always guys

  86. Vivian Santos

    Vivian Santos

    个月 前

    hi rhaze musta na po palagi ako nanood sa video mo na ka subaybay po ako sayu lalo na malapit kanang magaganak ako ang hula ko baby boy yan kc patolis ang tiyan mo and God bless you too

  87. Aeprile Bongcawel

    Aeprile Bongcawel

    个月 前

    Sus kung duol palang ka tagaan gud tika BILAO kakanins from SUMMER's NATIVE SWEETS DUMAGUETE 💕 Always take good care po and God Bless



    个月 前

    Hello po , ako po ay matagal ng nanonood sa inyong mga vlogs. Ako po ay lalapit lang at hihingi ng onting tulong para sa needs po ng baby ko na gatas po at diaper. Sana po mabasa niyo po ang aking message maraming salamat po😊😊



    个月 前

    Hello po , ako po ay matagal ng nanonood sa inyong mga vlogs. Ako po ay lalapit lang at hihingi ng onting tulong para sa needs po ng baby ko na gatas po at diaper. Sana po mabasa niyo po ang aking message maraming salamat po😊😊

  90. Queency Lovely Albuera

    Queency Lovely Albuera

    个月 前

    Curious about Dan's instagram account

  91. Sylvia Gaya

    Sylvia Gaya

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    个月 前

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  93. オレンジくん


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    Samantha Ysabella

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  95. Bebs Buluag

    Bebs Buluag

    个月 前

    Good job Kuya Dan...lots of 🤣🤣 Super love nya si missis 😍😍😍



    个月 前

    Wow your ready to pop na , but you look beautiful take care always and safe delivery .. excited na ! ❤️❤️❤️wow Dan is practicing already for the baby 🤣😍he’s cute & funny 👍

  97. Ana marie Villaruel

    Ana marie Villaruel

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  98. //Pink achu\\

    //Pink achu\\

    个月 前

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    个月 前

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    个月 前

    Hello po, new subee here 🥰 ang cutee nyong tingnan Ma'am 🥰... excited to watch your vids po🥰 sabi nang pinsan ko nakaka good vibes 🥰mga vids nyo... Sana ma mention nyo bahay ko Ma'am 🥰.