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  1. Rosemarie Austria

    Rosemarie Austria

    7 小时 前


  2. Glenda Gabis

    Glenda Gabis

    21 小时 前

    Aahhh, so sweet,.,., I like you both, keep it up,.,, God bless

  3. Charmee Palay

    Charmee Palay

    天 前

    Done tamsak po madam done dikit na din po..

  4. moonlight aly

    moonlight aly

    11 天 前

    scorpio din baby mo ate rhaze? ㅠㅠ take care always ❤️

  5. Sai Santos

    Sai Santos

    20 天 前

    ate rhazze solid fans mo po ako ever since sana mapa give away kau phone po...shout out na din po

  6. Little Family Vlogs

    Little Family Vlogs

    26 天 前

    sa subrang busy now ko lang napanuod ❤️ hapit na mugawas si bubba 💋💕 keep safe always mumma rhaze ❤️💖

  7. Joy Cacabilos

    Joy Cacabilos

    29 天 前

    i like ur shades ms.rhaze

    • Joy Cacabilos

      Joy Cacabilos

      29 天 前

      Amping pirme dai rhaze

  8. Menchu Bondoc

    Menchu Bondoc

    个月 前

    Kalooy sa mabdos dako na tiyan umaanak na... sige tuwad tuwad baka mapaanak ka diha...Dan must have done that though doesn't like it being a gentleman sa wifey buntis...gipasagdan man Lang ka uy...dati siya to asseble sa hubby never did that to me senorita pag buntis...

  9. Mae Bautista

    Mae Bautista

    个月 前


  10. May Joy Takeda

    May Joy Takeda

    个月 前

    I love you and your vlogs ms rhaze ♥️🥰😘😘😘 keep safe po

  11. Fay Atienza

    Fay Atienza

    个月 前

    Si lyra talaga ang mani/pedicure buddy.. Love you both! 😘

  12. Kaori Lim

    Kaori Lim

    个月 前

    Check out my palawan travel before covid outbreak 🏝

  13. Hazel Baoy

    Hazel Baoy

    个月 前

    Rhaze is on the stage of nesting. Baby will soon come!

  14. Ginelle Joy Alba

    Ginelle Joy Alba

    个月 前

    Hi po. Ask lang po if what app are you using to watch ung baby development po

  15. mariel


    个月 前

    much better dont have long nails when u have ur baby

  16. mara calayag

    mara calayag

    个月 前

    Hanapin mo yung hubby na sabay sa trip Ni wifey hehe😂😂😂

  17. Catrena Datan

    Catrena Datan

    个月 前


  18. Myrna Manungay

    Myrna Manungay

    个月 前

    Ganda ng ginamit nyo gusto k din

  19. Filipina living in Turkey

    Filipina living in Turkey

    个月 前

    Wow. Grabe ka ms. Rhaze, huhu gustong gusto ko din ang mag assemble ng cabinet. You really did that dresser. Noong preggy ako, hubby never let me do that. Kaya hindi ko na experience.

    • Menchu Bondoc

      Menchu Bondoc

      个月 前

      Ur hubby was just like mine...true gentleman to a wifey buntis...might trigger premature birth which might be a bigger problem...pity her...Dan assembled the Chair last time they got from IKEA Rhaze tummy was on her 2nd trimester... difficult foreigner hubby

  20. Noe Noe

    Noe Noe

    个月 前

    You have a different voice now Ms. Rhaze, it's a good sign that you're getting near seeing your princess 😍 Ganyan po kasi yung voice ko nung malapit na ko mangitlog sa aking dalawang inakays ☺️

  21. Anthea Taotao

    Anthea Taotao

    个月 前

    Pareho tayo mahilig mag assemble ng furnitures😁 nakakabilib ka, Simply Rhaze! You are still energetic despite having a growing belly💪🏼 excited to see your baby👶🏻♥️

  22. Joy Sola

    Joy Sola

    个月 前

    Tpus m sakin n ung mga babby dress soon to be mommy 1moth pregnant 😍😘😍😍😍

  23. Amaya Amaya

    Amaya Amaya

    个月 前

    Maglkababy parang halimaw mga nails. Pano kaya nghuhugas ng puwet un gnun khba kuku ..

  24. Monaliza Calma

    Monaliza Calma

    个月 前 my experienced before ako manganak pinapatanggal ng doctor ung nail polish s pilipinas .. so ewan q ln jan qng ganon din ung policy nila..

  25. Min Minjiii

    Min Minjiii

    个月 前

    Hi ate rhaze! sana po ma notice mo po ako I really really love watching your vlogsssssss💖 ingat po kayo palagi☺️

  26. Jet M

    Jet M

    个月 前

    babys coming soon manas na po face nyo po..

  27. Rio's VLOG

    Rio's VLOG

    个月 前

    Hoooo kinabahan ako ate rhaze nong tumakbo ka para kunin ung phone, 😅 pero kahit naalala ko na wooden floor design pala floor nyo ngaun tagal bago nawala kaba ko.. 😊 Keep safe always, even late ako nanood ng vlog mo kasi no load minsan sinisiguro ko talaga na matapos ko lahat ng d ko napanood na previous vlogs, ung kaba ko hoooo 🤪 God bless and be safe always, luv u ❤️

  28. Shant & Jan

    Shant & Jan

    个月 前

    Yaaay, i am sooo excited for bubba to come. I can see kuya Dan in my bf sometimes. Haha love love love!!😍😍😍

  29. Chris Tine

    Chris Tine

    个月 前

    Kaloka ka Ate Rhaze, ang bilis tumakbo. 🤣

  30. Chris Tine

    Chris Tine

    个月 前

    Kaloka ka Ate Rhaze, ang bilis tumakbo. 🤣

  31. Blessie Ardina

    Blessie Ardina

    个月 前

    My advise to you Rhaze,have your fingernails cut's not advisable for mothers'w/newborn babies to have long might scratch your baby.Keep safe and have a safe and normal delivery.😊

  32. florie jel gantala

    florie jel gantala

    个月 前

    Malapit na manganak si Ate... hehehe..excited na kami.. 💖💖💖💖

  33. Ninja ni Sakeena

    Ninja ni Sakeena

    个月 前


  34. elenita sanchez

    elenita sanchez

    个月 前

    You need to cut your nails na kasi para Di masabit si baby sa long nails mo. Praying for your safe delivery

  35. Melanie Barrun

    Melanie Barrun

    个月 前

    Ano po sns? 😁

  36. Fe Domingo

    Fe Domingo

    个月 前

    Hi Anak..ingat ka..malapit ka Ng manganak..e gawa ka Ng gawa..don't over do it..hinay hinay Lang..

  37. liezel lorica

    liezel lorica

    个月 前 old time viewers pls support my channel good day to you

  38. abegail serrano

    abegail serrano

    个月 前

    bakit hindi lahat ni nila lagyan ni ms.rhaze ng heart..?

  39. Judy Ann Manaligod

    Judy Ann Manaligod

    个月 前

    Happy 34weeks ate rhaze. I always watching your vlog dami ko kasi natutunan lalo na pag about kay baby. Hospital Bag soon ate thank you. I'm also pregnant po 30weeks ♥️

  40. Mariettaha Sahay

    Mariettaha Sahay

    个月 前

    Hello dai rhaze I'm praying for your safe delivery.naa unta.c mama nimo..

  41. Kash Lee

    Kash Lee

    个月 前

    Hi ate rhaze god bless ❤️

  42. Happy acir enaj

    Happy acir enaj

    个月 前

    Im worried about you when you run,nakakaloka ka ms rhaze nakalimutan mo atang buntis ka😂😂😂 stay beautiful and healthy for ur baby godbless you!

  43. Rhrianne Maniquiz

    Rhrianne Maniquiz

    个月 前


  44. Roselyn Gonzaga

    Roselyn Gonzaga

    个月 前

    I love u simply rhaze and kuya Dan..always watching your vlogs..excited for your babies..soon Sana ako din magka baby..3years living with my partner..hoping na ma biyayaan din kami ni Papa God..

  45. Dolores Santos

    Dolores Santos

    个月 前

    Bawal ksi Ang nail folish

  46. Dolores Santos

    Dolores Santos

    个月 前

    CS Kb Miss Rhaze

  47. Love Love

    Love Love

    个月 前

    Are u still allowed to put nail polish? Should remove by october 😊😊

  48. jk Marsh

    jk Marsh

    个月 前

    Mali naman pronunciation nang PENNE mo!

  49. Marlon Baluyot

    Marlon Baluyot

    个月 前

    Super fun ate

  50. SweetieMom G.

    SweetieMom G.

    个月 前

    Couple goals too while doing facila mask...

  51. SweetieMom G.

    SweetieMom G.

    个月 前

    Take care for you soon delivery 💖 Truly a blessing from above.. Priceless being a Mom.. I'm a mother of four and my youngest is 11 year old boy.. Two boys and two girls... Praying for Ur safety delivery

  52. SweetieMom G.

    SweetieMom G.

    个月 前

    From Q.C. too Hope you can visit mine too.. We miss also ms.lyra .. We love u both!

  53. April Mayol

    April Mayol

    个月 前

    Praying for your safe delivery simply rhaze🙏🏻❤

  54. Winnie Rolian

    Winnie Rolian

    个月 前

    Hahahaha Dan says “i cant talk”

  55. JOE Random Vlogs

    JOE Random Vlogs

    个月 前

    Keepsafe Always Po Ma'am Sa Pag Linis Ng Bahay And Everything Muaaaaah

  56. Ania Villanueva

    Ania Villanueva

    个月 前

    Hi Ms Rhayze, men like it better when you tell them you need them.. Just a tip.. So even if you really can do it, let him help you ☺️

  57. Jean Rose Photography

    Jean Rose Photography

    个月 前

    ingat bawal magkasakit lalo na malapit ka na manganak

  58. 12redbutterfly


    个月 前

    Have a safe delivery soon rhaze.... Just watch lovely's vlog kya pla napansin q wala xa sa mga vlogs kasama ang mga indays kla q she was just busy. Yun pla. Umalis na xa sa grupo i feel very sad 😔... She was even the one who is very emotional and happy when you told her that you were pregnant. Hope a maayos nyo mga differences nyo soon hindi man maibabalik sa dati pero magandang magsamasama parin kyo kahit paminsan minsan in God perfect time at jan nasusubok ang frienship. Good luck sa inyo

  59. Jerlyn Lluisma

    Jerlyn Lluisma

    个月 前

    Relax2x kana rhaze para makapag ipon ng lakas for the big day... Goodluck.

  60. Sherymhel Valencia

    Sherymhel Valencia

    个月 前

    Sobrang natawa ako kay kuya dan nung may mask at natuyo na.. hindi na nagsasalita🤣🤣🤣

  61. Soraida Pangcoga

    Soraida Pangcoga

    个月 前

    I'm so proud of Rhaze, she married Dan because she loves him. She's very independent. She can buy what she wants without asking money to her husband. She can do anything. She works hard everyday to have income from youtube. Salute to all strong woman who are independent and can handle theirselves!😍😍😍😍

  62. jyrald7


    个月 前

    get a man like kuya Dan, who take care of his skin, love this couple very much.

  63. Lolita Nayagam

    Lolita Nayagam

    个月 前

    Yah,very good myself also worried pag mahaba nail mo hehe..yong bb ba baka masugatan.

  64. italia C

    italia C

    个月 前

    Supportahan tayu God bless us all

  65. Leibelle Santos

    Leibelle Santos

    个月 前

    para kanino yan kanta mo ma rhaze kay mam love ba

  66. Rhoyens Vlog

    Rhoyens Vlog

    个月 前

    hi miss rhaze.. everytime nag a upload ka naeexcite ako panoorin.. it gives me the feel of comfort at nakaka relax..

  67. Karyn Vergara

    Karyn Vergara

    个月 前

    2days vlog ang di ko npanood.. wala n cp. Nmiss kita kaya mka youtube lang..

  68. Anna Pacasum

    Anna Pacasum

    个月 前

    I love simply rhaze and dan

  69. Rio Bucton

    Rio Bucton

    个月 前

    Hi rhaze ng unsa ka na man diha ng screw na injoy baya pod ko og tan-aw diha nimo amping kay ang baby nimo excited pod me

  70. Ellie Cordova

    Ellie Cordova

    个月 前

    I don't know bout any of you but pregnancy looks good at ate rhaze😍

  71. Rhea Lumigid

    Rhea Lumigid

    个月 前


  72. Wonder Girl

    Wonder Girl

    个月 前

    Be concern that you might poke the eye of your baby with your nails is the first thing to be bother. Hindi sa kung anong pansariling dahilan.

  73. Dinafe Victoria

    Dinafe Victoria

    个月 前

    Lalong namula yung chicks ni danny boy ang ganda sa knya

  74. Patricia Mari Maclang

    Patricia Mari Maclang

    个月 前

    There is a term called Ikea effect based on the study more people are happy on their products because they constructed the cabinet and they felt accomplished on the product

  75. Karen Tayao

    Karen Tayao

    个月 前

    Hi I love watching ur video as in every day inaabangan.. Pero di ko Alam Kung di ko napanood or di nyo pa nagawa mukbang NG fruits.. Hope u can do that.. Congrat malapit k NG maging mommy😘😘❤️❤️

  76. Mikey Fiesta

    Mikey Fiesta

    个月 前

    nagka data din🙈💛

  77. Shasha Joy

    Shasha Joy

    个月 前

    Drive safe Rhaze..

  78. Trisha Niog

    Trisha Niog

    个月 前

    Oh my ghad ate rhaze why did you run agooooy hahahahaha nakuratan ko 😂

  79. Cherry anne bulawin

    Cherry anne bulawin

    个月 前

    Kuya dan looks like IAN VENERACION😊❤️

  80. Jeannie Anadon

    Jeannie Anadon

    个月 前

    You have google to. Don’t you just love it.

  81. Ma. Michelle Garcia

    Ma. Michelle Garcia

    个月 前

    Love you Rhaze! ❤️you always make my day 😍😍😍

  82. Maribel Villano

    Maribel Villano

    个月 前

    Hi Rhaze malapit n lumabas si baby pag malapit ka n manganak wag k n magpahaba ng nails kc bka masugatan si baby at dapat yta wla kang cutix pag manganganak k take care and god bless.

  83. Dan Est Belle

    Dan Est Belle

    个月 前

    Short nails suits you well.. mas bagay!

  84. Valeree Love Ferenal

    Valeree Love Ferenal

    个月 前

    It feels so surreal seeing you pregnant. I'm getting excited each day to see the baby 😍

  85. Criselda Campo

    Criselda Campo

    个月 前

    ako lang ba yung nakakapansin na pumapayat si daddy Dan? lalo gumwapo 😍. excited na kame sa panganganak mo mommy rhaze

  86. Imelda Castro

    Imelda Castro

    个月 前




    个月 前

    36 weeks nangank n aq...and that sign..yung s mata mo po ate rhaze...get ready by 2weeks bka mngank k ndin..yieee excited n me..

  88. Dianne Uy

    Dianne Uy

    个月 前

    pogi ni dan oy!

  89. Yenah Redulla

    Yenah Redulla

    个月 前

    Te taga hey google nmo kay apil apilon kay akong google

  90. Ana marie Panuela

    Ana marie Panuela

    个月 前

    Im soooo dopper excited kapaag manganak kna . Ate rhaze. ....ang dami nyang damit ..😍😍😍

  91. simplyann


    个月 前

    Hello baba! We are excited to meet you soon! Little rhaze

  92. Cayla San Juan

    Cayla San Juan

    个月 前

    Mommy nails na talaga si ate rhaze

  93. coco jam

    coco jam

    个月 前

    Happy tuesday! Keep safe ❤ itsss sooo nice to build anything especially diy furniture. 😆

  94. Rod Gabac

    Rod Gabac

    个月 前

    You remind me so much of my wife. She's a scorpio too. She's restless and always doing something like crazy even when she was pregnant.

  95. Happy Little Rose In Australia

    Happy Little Rose In Australia

    个月 前

    Love you Rhaze😘😘😘

  96. Monique Palma

    Monique Palma

    个月 前

    Am solid fan.. always watching your videos Rhaze and also your utol's 😁 and your sister hehe .. .your the reason Y I started vlogging now your my inspiration.

  97. aidan AC

    aidan AC

    个月 前

    go watch movies.. pag andyan na c baby waley na...unless someone will watch baby for u, but then you might miss your baby after being with her for awhile.. so exciting!

  98. Jessa Mae Galaura

    Jessa Mae Galaura

    个月 前

    sooo excited for baba to come 😍😍

  99. Lynzkie Briones

    Lynzkie Briones

    个月 前

    Same tayo ms rhaze ng nails ayaw ko yun e putol ng sobra kc my prang laman din sa ilalim.kc sanay din sa mataas ang mga koko ko.♥️♥️♥️

  100. Violy S

    Violy S

    个月 前

    Pero para s baby mo rhaze, kailangan short nail mo para iwas sugatan mo p c baby.